Billions of iPhone users urged to watch out for free ‘Google check’ upgrade

It said: “There are already many ways to protect your privacy in the Google app for iOS, from Incognito mode to a control that lets you quickly delete the last 15 minutes of saved Search history from your account.

“But soon, you’ll be able to set up Face ID to protect the privacy of your Google app, so that if someone has your device they won’t be able to open it and gain access to your data.”

Keep an eye on the Google iOS app for the feature to drop.

You should be able to access it via your Google account settings.

Google recently announced a host of privacy upgrades.

It explained on its blog: “Beyond traditional cybersecurity, online safety also means keeping your personal information and online activity not only secure, but suited to your own preferences.

“That’s why we prioritize your privacy in our products and services, putting you in control so that you can customize settings based on what works best for you.”

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