We went from being bad with money and £6k in debt to buying £255,000 first home

JUST five years ago, Tara and Jonathan Bullock were £6,000 in debt and owning a home seemed an impossible challenge.

But by overhauling their finances and radically changing their spending habits meant the couple went from being bad with money to being first time buyers.

You can move the balance from other cards onto a new one, and typically you pay no interest for a set period.

They are a great idea if you have debt spread across a few different cards, or if your interest is high.

This means the debt is easier to manage because it’s all in one place and you can focus on repaying the debt, rather than the amount of added interest.

At the beginning of 2020, the couple had managed to clear all their debt and were able to focus on saving for a deposit.

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