People are just realizing what the ‘E’ iPhone cell signal symbol means – it’s not ‘emergency’ and it’s very important

When you look at your iPhone cell signal, you’ll probably mostly see 4G or 5G – and sometimes 3G.

But you may also see the letter E, or its full name: EDGE.

It doesn’t stand for Emergency as some people think, but instead is an acronym that means Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution.

It’s quite a mouthful, which explains why it’s reduced to E for short.

EDGE is actually a type of 2G mobile data, and dates back to the times before widespread 3G rollout – so it’s sometimes known as 2.75G.

Deployment began around 2003, so EDGE is heavily capped in terms of what it can offer you.

It can only provide a few hundred kilobits of data per second.

That’s hardly enough to browse the internet properly, never mind stream on the YouTube app.

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