People are just realizing what the ‘E’ iPhone cell signal symbol means – it’s not ‘emergency’ and it’s very important

When you look at your iPhone cell signal, you’ll probably mostly see 4G or 5G – and sometimes 3G. But you may also see the letter E, or its full name: EDGE. It doesn’t stand for Emergency as some people think, but instead is an acronym that means Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. It’s … Read more

People are just realizing Android phones have ‘super sleep’ mode millions have missed – it’s a daily essential

Google has built something called Sleep Sounds into its Android software. So if you’ve got a phone running Android 10 or later, you’ll be able to try it out. There are several different sounds on offer, all designed to help you drift off. First make sure you’re using Android 10 or later by going to … Read more


CONSTANCE Marten has been pictured leaving court after being charged with gross negligence manslaughter of a baby. The runaway aristocrat, 35, and her lover Mark Gordon, 48, appeared in the dock on Friday after being arrested by cops on Monday.


KNIFE and fork at the ready, I nervously tuck into my fry-up and wonder – will it taste as good? Everyone loves a fry-up, so I’m testing to see how it fares being cooked in an air fryer – and if it will slash my energy bills. I didn’t have a clue where to start cooking my … Read more